OYAKO de CULTURE *Cheerful kids*

We are the Culture Salon at Matsudo City(Koganehara Shoutengai)
<Everyone is teacher, Everyone is Student>
---A concept is "learning mutually." You can learn with your children.

No admission fee and No annual fee.
You need only participation fees.

hours: AM10:00-PM16:30
Contact: cheerfulkids555☆gmail.com

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Salon menu

It is difficult to join the lesson every time with little kids.
All lessons are one time payment.
You can join us feel free as your convenience.
NO annual fee, NO admission fee !

Recommend the Monthly Passport!

Passport for 1 class  →5,000Yen
Passport for 2 classes→6,000Yen
Passport for 3 classes→8,000Yen

Question and/or Application
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※You can send us e-mail directly.
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English Eurhythmics 1,000Yen/lesson

Let's play in English!
This club is for Age 0-3yrs child and mom.
Sing a song, read a book, dance and so on.

Please join us feel free.

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Rhythm English
( for Crawling Baby)

For sleep and crawling baby.
This club is touchcare communication mainly.

Japanese / English book, finger play, rhythm play, sometime craft.

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Hand-Sewing 2,000Yen/lesson
(include the material cost)

This is the hand-sewing club.
From beginner to veterans, anyone is OK !
We'll advise you to make goods of your choice.

If you tell us what you want to make, we can prepare the pattern and recipe.

You can use your own kit, fabric, pattern, but the Membership fee is flat rate.

Let's enjoy the sewing time with us !

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Polynesian Exercise
team : Aloha Pumehana

Sat. 1,500Yen/lesson
Lump-sum payment 4,000Yen

You can learn about the basic of HULA and TAHITI dance, and make a nice body. We can relax with hawaiian music, and up the power with tahitian music !

Please join us with clothes easy to move.
Please bring your PAU or PAREO if you have.
We can rent you Pau free of charge.

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Soft-Yoga 1,000Yen/lesson

Yoga of the flexible body, by the flexible body, for the flexible body !!
Breathing and  Imaging ( meditation ) and sometimes a little pose.
This is the our original yoga.
Based on the moon Salutation, and make pose as the moon constellations.

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Ukulele 1,000Yen/lesson

Small group lesson.(2-3 persons)
We can rent you ukulele as free.
We'll play in the holiday event, collaborate with "Aloha Pumehana".

Everyone started the beginner level, please feel free and enjoy ukulele !

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Card Leading

1 Oracle 1,000Yen

3 Oracle 2,000Yen

This session is using the oracle card made by "Doreen Virtue Ph,D." and channeling.

Select one deck as Angel Therapy Oracle Cards, Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, Magical Fairy Oracle Cards, PueoHana(Hawaiian Cards)

This is not read the card, but pull out the current problems and lead the solutions based on the keywords out of the card.

As three oracle, you can see the past problem, current situation and the near future of the case you follow the advice.
As one oracle, you can see the advice message.


Time required : 15-30min

We can lead by e-mail as 1,000 yen addition
Please contact us feel free.

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Chakra Therapy with Mandala


With friend of child

Reservation only

This is combined the coloring therapy, color therapy, chakra therapy.
It's so luxurious therapy.

You can face to the essence of your own by painting the mandala that corresponds to the chakra.
Analyze the mandala that fill up, we'll look at yourself objectively.

Time required : 60min

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Inner Child Healing 3,000Yen

Reservation only

It is ourself living inside of us.
It is the feelings heart and belief that locked up deep in mind.
The inner child affects greatly to behavior and thinking of the person who became an adult.

This session is to heal the innner child, let to release the brake if mind.

Time required : 60-120min

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Color Therapy
With Friend or Child

Reservation only

After a massage of the heart with coloring, you can ease the stiffness in the deep in mind with color diagnostic specifically.

Time required : 30-60min
With your friend or child is OK.

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PC training


Reservation only

Private lessons (2 hours).
MS excel, MS word, website design, and so on.
If you have a note PC, please bring it.

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All lesson, you can join us with your child.
They can join together, play with the other kids in the room.
In the room, we prepare many toys and English books.

*No childcare, Self childcare.


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