OYAKO de CULTURE *Cheerful kids*

We are the Culture Salon at Matsudo City(Koganehara Shoutengai)
<Everyone is teacher, Everyone is Student>
---A concept is "learning mutually." You can learn with your childrens.

An admission fee and an annual fee are no charge!
You need only participation fees.

hours: AM10:00-PM16:30
Contact: cheerfulkids555☆gmail.com

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Please contact us if you can't join the lesson as follow schedule.
We'll adjust the schedule.

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Question and/or Application
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※You can send us e-mail directly.
(cheerful-kids☆mail.goo.ne.jp) Change ☆ to @!


All lesson, you can join us with your child.
They can join together, play with the other kids in the room.
In the room, we prepare many toys and English books.

*No childcare, Self childcare.


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