OYAKO de CULTURE *Cheerful kids*

We are the Culture Salon at Matsudo City(Koganehara Shoutengai)
<Everyone is teacher, Everyone is Student>
---A concept is "learning mutually." You can learn with your childrens.

An admission fee and an annual fee are no charge!
You need only participation fees.

hours: AM10:00-PM16:30
Contact: cheerfulkids555☆gmail.com

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English Eurythmics


The owner of this salon

<< About English >>

6 grade, joined the English club.
High School, had been San Francisco on summer vacation.
I became interested in foreign countries in the wake of the homestay.
Junior college, I had been Hawaii on summer vacation.

I handled the trade business in my office.
I held a FX seminar.

After my daughter was born,  I started talking with English, reading some English picture books, listening to the nursery rhymes in English.
When my daughter was 5 month, I needed some friends who care thier child in English.
I began to look for such club, but there wasn't.
And then I started make my oridinal text for my own English nursery club.

2010 year, The "Oyako de Eigo Cheerful kids" was born.
I start the club in the community center.
Now, I have a lesson for "Kids English Club in Kashiwa" at my salon and the community center..

<< About Dance >>
Childhood*** I started the Classic ballet and Cheerdance.
School days*** I started the musical in the act club.
2002Year*** I started Hula and tahiti dance

<< About Hand-sewing >>
I met my lovely dog, name "Lovelin", I started make her clothes.
Then I started the hand sewing.

I started my web shop. sold my oridinal goods.
The store manager was my lovely dog "Pretty Lovelin"

My teacher is my mom Yoshie.

<< About Spilitual >>
2000year*** I started the web site "Dream Therapy"
2010year*** I started to learn about the color therapy
2013year*** I started each therapy

<< About PC >>
1998year*** I made my first web site "Hide-chan World"
2000year*** I made a dream site "Dream Therapy"
I  got the license for "MOUS" and "System administrator".
After marriage I learned about the Web Shop
2006year*** I started my Web Shop "Pretty Lovelin"

<< About Salon >>
Started scince Sep. 2011
I hope making a relaxation place for moms

Rhythm English
( for Crawling Baby)
Polynesian Exercise
team : Aloha Pumehana
Chakra Therapy with Mandala
Inner Child Healing
Color Therapy
PC training
Card Leading


Mr. Boo

He is my husband.
He was the Bass player in his Rock group.
After he marriage, started the Ukulele

Let's start the "Twinkle Twinkle"!!


All lesson, you can join us with your child.
They can join together, play with the other kids in the room.
In the room, we prepare many toys and English books.

*No childcare, Self childcare.



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